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Form FHWA-1391, Annual EEO Report

Welcome! You are about to complete the Form FHWA-1391, Annual EEO Report for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

The purpose of the report is to collect employment data by job category, ethnicity, race, and gender. The employment data entered should reflect the workforce on board during all or any part of the last payroll period preceding the end of the month of July.

In accordance to 23 CFR Part 230.121, the Federal Highway Administration uses the data to analyze employment patterns such as the representation of female and minority workers within companies or states. Fail to respond within the time period stipulated herein will be reported to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration as being in a non-compliance with the applicable Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations.

Who should report:

Additional Reporting Instructions:

The 1391 report must be submitted through the Civil Rights Compliance system. The system provides clear instructions on how to complete and submit the report.

To get started, please select one option below.

If you have any technical questions or need assistance while completing the report please contact technical support, click here.

For general questions, please contact Peach Pornjai Siribrahmanakul, DDOT EEO Program Manager, at peach.pornjai@dc.gov or (202) 671-0630.

Instruction for Completing Annual 1391 Report

If the subcontractors have work at any time in July, a report must be filed. If a subcontractor has not yet begun to work, a negative report should be filed. If a subcontractor does not work in July, but more work will be performed at a future date, a negative report must be filed.

All primes must report. Primes must submit their reports with all its subcontractor reports prior to forwarding to DDOT Office of Civil Rights.

If you use the 1391 e-Form from FHWA’s website, the green area is designed to tally automatically. Please enter whole numbers in blue areas.

Employers must attempt to allow employees to use self-identification. If an employee declines to self-identify, employment records or observer identification may be used. For race/ethnicity categories including “two or more race,” employees are encouraged to check off only one category per employee. For example, if a person states they belong to two categories (e.g., Alaskan Native and Asian), then the category that the employee checks should be “two or more races.” If an employee self-identifies as “multi-racial” then for the 1391 he/she would report under “two or more race.”

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After logging in to your account, you will be directed to the report form. You can also click View My 1391 Reports link from the left navigation pane.

If you require technical assistance while completing the application, please use our online support form.

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